Alex (wthscutie09) wrote,


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I thought Mario aka Slater from Saved By The Bell was going to win Dancing with the Stars...but he didnt! Im glad Emmitt Smith Won!!! i liked Cheryl and think its cool that she won last season, and this season- shes aweomse!! ha ima geek...

My Dream is to be a Ball Room Dancer! how hott would that be!?
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Slater so doesn't even count B/C he was a dancer before the show!!! I've seen it! Biatch can move!!! Triple Pirouettes and all!!!
i agree, thats why i am glad Emmitt and Cheryl won! :)

I flippin loved entire family was so distressed b/c he lost.
:(...although emmitt did do a good job....and cheryl is awesome

okay, i take the boo back now.