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October 10th, 2006

08:42 am: - it was so nice out yesterday...i spun in my driveway with my ipod.

- i was flipping through the channels around 10:50pm and heard something..so i flipped bach to abc and sure enough, at the end of CSI:Miami was the song "Hide and Seek"...i started to cry! ha im a geek. anyway. i did and because i heard that i went to my room..got the WGI 2005 DVD from Krista and watched it for an hour..

- Traffic going to school today was a mess and i hated every minute of it!

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October 8th, 2006

07:23 pm: ...i had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life over the past 2 months. and its days like today when it hits you the most.....

It feels like half of me is missing.

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September 14th, 2006

09:55 am: Ugh!
this week is just not my week. im over it.

or am i?

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September 6th, 2006

11:04 am: wow its almost as if i forgot a had a LJ. i never update this anymore.
Im sad to say that summer is officially over. The past few months of no school was nice- it was a good break. I tried to do as much as i could. working at the 99, hanging out with firends after work into the weee hours of the morning, getting to all the apex events i could, going to California with Becca- all in all- it was a good summer and i am going to miss it.
School started yesterday- I had 3 Psychology classes- two in the AM and one at Night..yes, a night class in Camden. Today i had Modern Dance at 9:05am. we didnt dance today, but i am really excited for that class. the teacher seems odd..but cool. im hoping i will be okay with it.::crosses fingers::. the dancing begins on Monday..(i cant wait). so far the social aspect of my college career is going smoothly. i have talked to a few people after each class which is usually something i dont do- i go to class.leave.do homework.... you get the point- but really the people i have talked to seem cool and im looking forward to this semester at Rutgers.
With school starting, i am only working 2 days aweek. i am doing a double shift on Fridays and a double on Sundays. come visit.
I teach at Cherokee monday and wednesday, but the way their rehearsal sched. works out-it gives me time to focus on school and have somewhat of a social life! who woulda thunk it.
I need to have a good semseter- if i dont then..... things will def. suck for me. im hoping this semester is a helluv alot better than this past spring semester.
Apex Auditions are coming and i am super excited! I cant wait to see the turn out of Vets and Rookies- it will be a good time.
Lately i have been obsessed with Dance movies-- Center Stage, Step Up, Honey, Take The Lead...its crazy- i will go on youtube just to watch the ending dance of step up. its awesome-hmmm i really cant wait for the modern class to begin- i also just printed out the Koresh Sched. you better believe my ass will be in that studio some time this Fall.
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So i was bored one day- and made afew collages of the summer and people who mean alot to me. ima gonna share them- the Apex one is still in the making i have so many pix. to add on that one-but here is a taste.
Oh! and i went on the apex website- and you can click to watch the video from wildwood- i hooked ya'll up with that from youtube! i felt special. (its in my myspace..drew put it on there for me.)
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The girls.
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California! <3
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Apex Family.

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July 25th, 2006

06:01 pm: Random Thoughts in a Random Order...
Why wont Itunes let me download Justin Timberlakes "SexyBack"---its making me mad!( i didnt like this song at first..and now i do!)

Cherokee last night was a good time- it was nice to see the girls from indoor as well as all the new kids i didnt meet. we have about...30..which is alot- But i am EXCITED!!

Last night Dal and I watched "Joy Ride" its an old movie that i havnt seen in awhile- i forgot how much i liked it. Paul Walker is HOTT!

My Cousins wedding was fucking awesome!They come home thursday from Hawaii!

i went to Cheese Cake Factory for lunch yesterday with Diane..and i had alil crush on our server....

Im not going to be at Allentown this year :( however i will be in CA. I leave Monday- Melissa dont Fret- i will send you the info!

Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls is another song i like!

Some Hearts by Carrie Underwood is also pretty catchy!

tomorrow i work 5-cl. Thursday i work 10:15-4...yess another Dance Clinic i will be at!

I just listened to Kevin Mckeemans interview- i miss him!

i am going to be so busy this fall im not going to know what to do for myself-and i NEED to keep my grades up..im gtting scurred.

Next fall= Beauty School.

i've decided i am marching sr. corps net summer with Bob from work!

I miss Katie G..cause she is Ugly.

and I miss Tigan...he's not ugly..but could be if he tried....

Current Mood: aggravatedSexyBack isnt working!
Current Music: Buttons

July 11th, 2006

11:17 am: so i have been doing alot of running around this week and last. along with working i am trying to stay up past my bed time (11:00) to hang out with a few friends...it has worked, however i think i am getting sick- there is all this stuff i want to do, with no time to do it....you'd think the Fall Semester had already started or something!
i finally went to the Dance clinic with Rom-dawg. She kicked my ass- i felt it the next 2 days! but it was awesome. i realized how much i missed the workout, and the people!
I had off of work for the first time without asking for it on Friday, so Kevin Higgins and I went to the shore- it was so much fun and cant wait to do it again- i havnt talked to him in like a year...the season doesnt count cause i didnt talk to him then eigther! it was nice getting to catch up with him. we got burnt...and went in the ocean 3 times after having to numb ourselves!
Saturday i worked, and after work i hung out with christina..i got to her house at 11:30..met up with my firend Jim there...then Keith came over and we actally pulled an all nighter....yes- i went to bed at 6:30 and woke up at 8:30 to be in DE by 10am....
Sunday was a camp- so glad i had off that day and went! it was so fun- got my ass kicked again, but i loved every minute of it! i feel the best part was ending that flag work with "the Ugly.."
and now we are back to working. i got off work Thursday- im hoping to spend the mornig with cindy before she goes to work. then i am going to the dance clinic.
Friday is the Reh. Dinner for my cousins wedding and Saturday is the wedding! i am so excited/nervuos at the same time. i hope i dont fall going down the isle. ahh! so exctied for them! after 9yrs. its about time!
and i think thats it....im going to post some pics. now so enjoy!

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This is Matt- I was friends with him at Rutgers last semester and he just graduated! he's a funny guy. i miss his hott self- i feel im going to need to bond with him sometime soon...Matthew.....!!!!!!!!!!!
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And here he is again! :)
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Stacey, Cindy and Me at Becca's Grad Party
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this is my baby cousin Noelle..i did her hair and i am proud of it.
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and here she is wearing my clothes.....hmmm.....

okay so they were random...but you liked it!

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June 26th, 2006

09:09 pm: Today, Amanda Mahoney and Christina Romann came into the 99.
two people i love!

Im working on my sched. for thursday- im trying to work the am shift so i can go to the dance clinic!

we'll see what i can do- pray for me!

PS. Sssailor...i need to talk to you about that dance ditty! :)

Current Mood: Happy i got out of work b4 9

June 25th, 2006

10:51 pm: Money Money Money!
I have been so busy over the last two weeks i cant even tell you. 99 just opened and i have been working everyday- Open to Close- the pay checks are looking nice...however i can not feel my legs or feet because i am not allowed to sit down there. anyway- i have been MIA- i havnt seen anyone in a while and this week i have a full sched. again...looks like i wont be seeing anyone/talking to them like i use to. I get home and pass out on the floor in my room....and i have to work thursday night again- which means its another dance clinic i will be missing!!! im pretty pissed cause those and the sunday camps are the ones i wanted to go to- i hope it only gets better from here.
Show Me The Money!

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June 5th, 2006

05:27 pm: Memories
at the moment, everyone is getting ready to go to becca's band banquet. well- i am ready and i am starving, so to hold me over i am eating doritos. I started to laugh to myself because it made me think of my mom. My mom use to LOVE doritos! she would sit in her bed, with a whole bag, and as much as she can take out of the bag, she would eat them all, with crumbs falling on her. it was hillarious and here i am sitting here, doing the same exact thing.

i miss her.

Current Mood: amusedamused

June 2nd, 2006

06:43 pm: time flies when ur having fun!!
Well now, its been awhile! summer for me is awesome at the moment. its so nice to have so much free time- not working at the day car has been great! a whole month with no job, no school and a break from colorguard felt nice. although those were the things that kept me busy, i still somehow managed to not be at home all the time.

Danielle Sodoti, my friend from highschool Christina, and Diane always manage to steal me away to do something.I saw Jen Kelly, and I even got to hang out with Angie, who i use to take baths with! we went to AC and i met her man toy. I love those two. anyway, yeah- i need to hang out with Stacey and Cindy more- i saw cindy for alittle on..tuesday but its almost as if it didnt count. im not going to get into the concert that was held at the high school. Oh hanging out with my cousin has also been pretty awsesome! She just got a teaching job starting in september- i am so excited for her!
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I was supposed to take a summer class. Well, it turned out that i had been hired to work at a new bar and grill opening in Deptford, and the hrs of training start well..tomorrow and it would have conflicted with the summer class. i went to Rutgers to straighten it all out to see that i have to still pay for 1/2 of the bill, which is $588.30- i am really pissed off about this. if anyone would like to contribute to the "Alex Needs to Pay Off A Summer Class That She Is Not Attending Fund" feel free to email me. thanks!

So some of you know, some of you dont know- I met a guy in a bar about 2 1/2 months ago. we talked for hours and i found out he lives in San Francisco. well...I some how "got balls" and I was the one who asked for his number. Long Story Short- We still talk if not every day, every other day and last week he told me that he is coming to jer-z for the 4th of July to spend time with me for a week!!! let me just tell you how excited i am about this!!! i really like him- it sucks that he lives so far away! Jer-z is the best Vacation Spot- Cali to Jerz-let me tell you. its awesome! haha here- is his picture...
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So About my J.O.B. tomorrow starts Orientation. I have to dress business casual....idk what im going to wear. any suggestions? im getting nervous because the resturante business is totally different than the day care business-i hope i will like this change/challange. Once i fio my schedule, i'll be able to fio the rest of my summer plans. i really wish Cindy or Chase would be there with me- i love them. Apex Summer Clinics i believe start next week. im not sure what is going on- i wanted to go to them, but i will beable to know once this job stuff is cleared. I am supposed to have a band meeting for the staff at Cherokee, but i cant go to that because of work orientaion. hmmm...well..the free time was fun while it lasted!

Here's to Money!
(Matt- are you happy now?!

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